A Positive Force

Nia and Rosette “clicked” on interests like photography.

One of the many hopes of every parent is for their child to have the opportunity to explore new horizons with someone who could be a positive influence in their life. That was exactly why in 2007 Suzan, a single Mom with a disability, sought the assistance of Big Brothers Big Sisters for her daughter, Nia. “Because of my disability, I can’t do as much for my daughter as I would like. The program allows Nia to get out of her neighborhood and see and experience new things. Big Brothers Big Sisters is a positive force.”

Enter Rosette, a high school teacher in Baltimore County, who describes “just clicking” on her first meeting with Little Sister Nia. In fact, they clicked on many levels including a practical one as Rosette brought a camera to their first meeting and they took pictures.

Rosette echoes Suzan’s hopes, “I want for Nia to be totally aware, and know there are so many opportunities available for her. I also want her to be a positive influence on her younger brothers who now also have Bigs.”

How does Nia feel about her Big Sister Rosette? She understands why her mom felt she needed a mentor and says, “Rosette helps expand my view of the world and what I can achieve. I now have different dreams and aspirations. I want to attend an out-of-state college and study psychology.”

Big Sister Rosette sees a great deal of herself in Nia whom she describes as, “diligent and family oriented.”

Both Rosette and Suzan credit Umecka, their Big Brothers Big Sisters Match Support Specialist, for helping them maintain open lines of communication. Rosette and Nia get together at least three times each month and engage in a variety of activities including attending movies and just enjoying some good girl talk.

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