For a few hours, a couple times a month, a mentor can change your child's life. That's really all it takes for the kids in our program to live to their fullest potential.

By simply playing catch, reading books, or chilling over some ice cream, the world can look different to your child. Your child becoming a Little is one of the best ways to ignite and empower their potential.  


We provide full support from the start. Your first steps include an interview with a case manager. During that meeting, they'll also chat with your child as well to learn more about them and their interests. Depending on which program you select, you may also have a home visit from your case manager.

The volunteer who wants to be matched with your child goes through a process as well. In addition to an in-depth interview, the mentors also have a criminal background check and detailed reference check. And for any volunteers planning to enter the community-based program, they also have a driver's history check along with a home visit with a case manager. While we focus on the fun and life-changing benefits of a one-to-one mentoring match, our biggest priority truly is always child safety. 

Even after the match happens, you'll still receive full support from your case manager throughout the life of the match. Anytime you or your child have any questions or concerns, we're here to help!




Community Based Mentoring

This is our traditional program. Adult mentors are paired with children aged 7-14, and matches see each other out in the community for 8 hours per month. Essentially, the activity options for Bigs and Littles are unlimited! They plan their own outings, filled with things they enjoy doing.

School/Site Based Mentoring

Adult mentors are matched one-to-one with youth and meet weekly at a specific site. We work collaboratively with local schools, after-school programs, and other sites to match youth with volunteers.

Workplace Mentoring

Youth and mentors meet at the mentor's workplace, learning from successful professionals. These "Bigs in the Workplace" programs offer adult volunteers the unique chance to take a little time from their busy workdays to give back to their communities.