Thanks for helping us defend potential in our youth! The 2023 BFKS netted over $30,000 for program services here at BBBSHC.

BFKS is one of our key annual fundraising events that empowers potential in Hampden County youth. Teams of 5 or 6 bowlers raise pledges from friends, family, and colleagues. Their efforts culminate in a huge party of bowling, food, drinks, and tons of fun. With nearly 100 kids currently waiting for a Big in Hampden County, we need your support! Bowl for Kids' Sake is an easy, fun way to defend potential in kids. 






2023 EVENT 

Thanks for joining us in 2023 for Bowl for Kids' Sake as a Defender of Potential! We're excited to have you involved and are so grateful for your support. Here are some important details for this year:

Shaker Bowl
168 Shaker Road
East Longmeadow, MA  01028

Friday, 4/28 at 7 pm
Saturday, 4/29 at 11 am

How it works

It’s easy to raise $100 or more for Big Brothers Big Sisters! Individuals want to invest in programs proven to change lives and break cycles of poverty.

No donation is too big or too small, and it takes no time at all to reach your fundraising goal! And as a reward for all your fundraising, you and your team join us at Shaker Bowl in East Longmeadow for a fantastic party.

To sign up for your personalized fundraising page, CLICK HERE. 

Your Next Supporter could be...

  • Friends from your past or present job
  • Friends from school
  • Members of your sports team
  • Members of your hobby group
  • Members of your church or synagogue
  • Your landlord
  • Your car salesperson
  • Your car repair person
  • People you know through your spouse
  • People from your lodge or club
  • Your travel agent
  • Your neighbors
  • Your lawyer
  • Your child's scout leader
  • Your drycleaner
  • Your florist
  • Your children’s school principal
  • Fellow committee members
  • Your insurance agent
  • Your relatives